Sunday, 29 May 2011

About 2pm Member


Nichkhun (June 24, 1988)
His mother is Chinese and his father is Thai. His Korean has improved rapidly in the number of months he's been in Korea. He's loved by women everywhere for his adorable smile and irresistible wink. 

Ok Taecyeon (December 27, 1988)
He's from Boston, MA. He's known as their fashionista or fashion terrorist. He's also known as Director Ok and is the messiest member of 2PM.

Lee Junho (January 25, 1990)
Junho's looks have often been compared to that of singer Bi Rain's. He is known for his charming eye smile. Junho has never slept in a bed until he moved into the 2PM dorm.

Hwang Chansung (February 11, 1990)
He's the maknae(youngest) of the group although he could pass for the oldest. Chansung is the glutton of the group, even eating all of Jay's dried mango.

Jang Wooyoung (April 30, 1989)
Probably the funniest and most comical member of 2PM. He's the neatest and can't stand dust.

Park Jaebeom (April 25, 1987)
The oldest and ex-leader of 2PM, Jaebeom was born in Seattle, Washington. Although he's the oldest, he looks the youngest because of his face and stature. People make fun of his Korean, saying even Nickhun who's Thai speaks better Korean than he does. He's an American B-boy and both raps and sings for 2PM. He thinks his voice sounds like a pre-pubescent boy. Due to the recent myspace controversy, Jaebeom has left 2PM and returned to Seattle to study music.

Kim Junsu
Junsu has the strongest vocals of the group. He originally auditioned for YG and was accepted but decided to join JYP. As a result, he knows Big Bang's Taeyang and G-Dragon.